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23rd September, 2005

Walthamstow Reservoir

From Sydney, going trout fishing requires commitment. It is either an 8 hour drive to the Snowy Mountains or a plane trip to New Zealand. From Hong Kong, it is even more difficult. In London, I found out that the reservoir at Walthamstow is accessible by tube and stocked with trout. On the day, nobody was doing any catching at all. I thought that it would be a small puddle so I brought my pea shooter. Actually it was a large lake and everyone else was using heavy artillery to cast long distances.

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9th September, 2005

Meon Springs

Fished Meon Springs yesterday. It was my first fishing trip in the UK and my first experience fishing a managed, stocked fishery. Went with Tero Rissa who got the beautiful 6.5 pound hen rainbow trout in the picture. A good place to take someone flyfishing for the first time but those stocked fish behave very differently to wild ones. A bit like shooting fish in a barrel though, think I’ll try Grafham Water next – at least you can see it on the map.

rainbow trout