Postcard from Shanghai

Spent a fortnight over Easter in Shanghai,

as a visitor at Fudan University

Played ping pong with students.

Had a ride on the maglev to the airport. As one of the websites say, it is mainly for show since the ride is only 8 min. It is impressive though, goes up to 430 km/h, quite an experience.

This is the Oriental Pearl Tower which is 468m high

and the Bund from above

It has a transparent floor, very unsettling to walk on

Street vendor.

Here people are paying to get beaten up.

Cheng Huang Temple

We visited Chairman Mao’s former residence in Shanghai

He was quite a poet, as was his son.

Self portrait.

Juxtaposition of old and new.

They have a wonderful canteen at Fudan. Here is part of the breakfast offering.

Xiao long buns.

Crab roe and vegetables.

I saved the best for last, pig face jerky – quite a delicacy.

Thanks to the hospitality of my host, Professor Wang, and his students, particularly Mr Li and Mr Chen, I had a great time in Shanghai. This is the first opportunity I have had to explore this beautiful city. I look forward to my next visit.


6 Responses to “Postcard from Shanghai”

  1. That pig-face jerky is quite impressive. Not sold at the Fudan canteen surely? If so it leaves the SCR for dead.

  2. You should track down the manager of the SCR and request it.

  3. I love the old and new picture, reminds me of Venice, with an oriental touch!

  4. Ah, the highest speed of maglev is updated. We took maglev to the airport fortunately.LoL

  5. Photos always interesting through Professor Leong’s lens. We have similar Edge Walk in CN tower. Walk on a 5 ft. wide ledge outside tower 1168 ft. above ground, while attached to an overhead safety rail. Lasts 30 mins. cost C$175 p.p.


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