14th September, 2009

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21st August, 2009

The Chinese University of Hong Kong

The Chinese University of Hong Kong has a beautiful campus. Here are some photographs.

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13th August, 2009

Street photos from Hong Kong

Here are some street photos from Hong Kong.
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9th August, 2009

Hong Kong Skyline

Here are some photographs of Hong Kong.

Kowloon and Hong Kong from the Lung Cheung Rd lookout at dawn. Festival Walk can be seen in the foreground, Parc Oasis in the middle and the tall buildings of Hong Kong Island in the background.
Lookout from Lung Cheung Rd
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15th May, 2009

Life, the Universe and Fishing

I was asked by Prof Evangeline Young to give a “Lunchtime Pizza talk” on the 15th May. Here is the text of the talk which is not really about fishing but concerns graduate research.

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17th August, 2008

Booti Booti National Park

Went on a 4 day fishing trip to Booti Booti National Park with my mates, Warren and Chris despite unfavourable tides and weather. Life’s too short to only go fishing when conditions are good. We went on a similar trip almost exactly a year ago.

(Photo above from the beach with stars in the background)
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7th August, 2007


In August 2007 went for a short trip to Forster with my Sydney University friends Warren and Chris.

Chris landing an Australian Salmon

More photos after the jump.
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24th June, 2007

A trip to Finland

My trip to Finland coincided with the Midsummer Festival, an event which I was lucky enough to share with my host Tero.

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23rd September, 2005

Walthamstow Reservoir

From Sydney, going trout fishing requires commitment. It is either an 8 hour drive to the Snowy Mountains or a plane trip to New Zealand. From Hong Kong, it is even more difficult. In London, I found out that the reservoir at Walthamstow is accessible by tube and stocked with trout. On the day, nobody was doing any catching at all. I thought that it would be a small puddle so I brought my pea shooter. Actually it was a large lake and everyone else was using heavy artillery to cast long distances.

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9th September, 2005

Meon Springs

Fished Meon Springs yesterday. It was my first fishing trip in the UK and my first experience fishing a managed, stocked fishery. Went with Tero Rissa who got the beautiful 6.5 pound hen rainbow trout in the picture. A good place to take someone flyfishing for the first time but those stocked fish behave very differently to wild ones. A bit like shooting fish in a barrel though, think I’ll try Grafham Water next – at least you can see it on the map.

rainbow trout