9th February, 2013

Moved to phwl.org

I have moved this blog to blog.phwl.org. Thanks for visiting and I hope you will visit the new blog.


19th April, 2012

Postcard from Shanghai

Spent a fortnight over Easter in Shanghai,

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8th January, 2012

Guide to more than 100 Sydney Beaches

Graham Link was interviewed this morning on 702 ABC about his website on Sydney beaches. It is very informative and well worth visiting http://www.linkysbeachdays.com/.

31st December, 2011

Hawkesbury River 2011

Went with Warren to the Hawkesbury River for 3 days of fishing and camping.

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3rd December, 2010

Elaine’s (off) Road Trip

Check out Elaine’s amazing motorcycle trip around Australia here

3rd May, 2010

Sydney skyline at dusk

This photo of Sydney was taken from Kirribilli, not too far from the Harbour Bridge.

Sydney from Milson's Point

8th March, 2010

Sydney from Mrs Macquaries Point

Harbour Bridge and Opera House

A great place to see two of Sydney’s major landmarks, the Opera House and the Harbour Bridge is from Mrs Macquaries Point, which is part of the Royal Botanic Gardens.

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2nd February, 2010

Postcard from Ottawa

In return for my sins I was sent to Ottawa for the week.

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14th December, 2009

Blue Mountains

The 1 million hectare Blue Mountains is a World Heritage listed National Park in NSW Australia. Its name comes from the blueish haze that often appears above it due to evaporation of eucalyptus oil from the trees.

Here is a wide-angle view of the Three Sisters, Mount Solitary and Jamieson Valley from Katoomba.

Blue Mountains
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14th December, 2009

Sydney Harbour

This photo of the Harbour Bridge, Opera House and Sydney skyline was taken from a cruise boat during the FPT conference.